How to Paint Kitchen Cabinet?

How will we do the painting?

d'Lanes Painting is known for high-quality cabinet painting, and we ensure satisfaction for all over clients by providing seamless painting services at very fair rates. Our spray paints give a smooth and flawless finish that last long and deliver an appealing outlook that makes your cabinets look like new ones.

We follow a systematic procedure to meet the highest quality standards and work with unmatched professional efficiency for producing the best outcomes possible. Our process of painting the kitchen cabinets competes by following multiple steps that are mentioned below.


The first and foremost step in painting is the preparation of the place. It involves cleaning the cabinets to prepare them for painting. You might have an idea that cabinet painting can create much mess. Therefore, we do everything necessary to keep things clean.  Firstly, we will cover the surrounding area to make sure that nothing gets stained during painting.

After that, we will remove the hardware, drawer fronts and cabinet doors. In this way, you will get clean, neat and professionally painted cabinets with a smooth finish. If your cabinet drawer fronts are inseparable, we will tape them properly to deliver an elegant outlook.


After removing the hardware and doors, we will clean the cabinets to remove dust and grease otherwise the paint won’t last. In order to ensure excellent paint adhesion, it is essential to clean the cabinets before coating it with paint. Therefore, we do everything we can for removing the grease. Depending upon the exact condition of your cabinets, we may also use grease-cutting solutions if necessary.


Before priming the cabinets will be fully sanding, we will use professional sanders and manual sanding. However, some wooden cabinets have excessive pores that become highly visible after the paint and hence leave a bad impression. To make sure there are no pores left on your cabinet surface, we will use sand of spackling material to fill those before painting them. 





















Once the thorough sanding is completed, we will use a high-quality primer for strong adhesion and high retention of the paint on your cabinets. The careful application of primer prior to paint coats will allow the paint to grip firmly on the surface which will back the enhanced longevity.  

Sanding it again

After priming, the cabinets will have a perfect base for the paint. For a second time we will reinspect all the surface looking for small scratches, dents or imperfections.

Painting first coat

Now that that cabinets’ surface is fully ready for the paint after proper cleaning, sanding and priming, we will give them a tidy, new look. The smooth unmatched finish and quick turnaround will leave you stunned.

Second and final coat of paint

Before putting the third and final coat your cabinets will be inspected one more time, we will search for small and almost imperceptible imperfection, the entire surface will be sanded a detailing surface cleaning before finalizing the painting process.


After painting your cabinets, we will remove the tapes from the drawer fronts, put everything back at its place and restore your site as it was before the arrival of our team of painters. We will clean up the area to make your experience hassle-free.


Once your kitchen is set right, we will ask you to take a closer look and inspect our work. We will only leave when you ask as to as we work to provide utmost satisfaction. 

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