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12 new ideas for modern living room design

Boston interior painting
Modern Living room

Choosing a distinctive design of a living room decor is very important because the living room is one of the most vital rooms in the house and serves as the main room in the house and the place that brings together all family members at all times.

Either watching TV or reading books, magazines and newspapers, it is also the space that receives guests and accommodates all family accidents and intimate sessions.

The living room and its counterparts from the rooms, decorators and designers allocate to it designs that are renewed with each season, and this season we have seen many modern decorations that imitate the taste of this era and its development, which affects many details in the decoration.

It is important when choosing a living room decor to be keen on achieving comfort standards in modern furniture, because all family members spend most of their time in the living room, so comfort must be provided to them by choosing modern furniture in a way that gives a sense of psychological comfort.

Distributing the furniture in the living room in a correct manner so that it does not disturb or distort the beauty of the decoration, as a factor for the success of the design, and often design experts advise placing the appropriate furniture in its appropriate place and avoiding filling the space and stacking it with objects that are essentially unfit for use, for example, you must put all A piece of furniture is facing the same direction, that is, the direction opposite to the individual, such as placing a television in a corner where everyone can watch.

1 - Touch Red

The red color may seem to some a difficult degree to coordinate in the decor of any room, but the secret to using it in the decor of the living room in a modern way is to accompany it with white tones in the coffee table and decorative accessories and lighting, thus controlling the boldness of the color and reducing its blatant glow that may be disturbing To consider in case the appropriate accompanying colors are not chosen.

2- Play with colors and prints

Boston interior painting ideas
Play with colors and prints

There is always a way to incorporate different colors and prints in any space in your home, and in a modern living room this matter is no exception, especially as it increases the illumination of the space and adds a kind of joy and happiness. In the picture, colors such as red, green, brown and blue were combined, through the patterns that decorate the sofas and other monochrome colors that decorate the rest of the room decor.

3- A practical and renewable living room

Apart from the sofas and the coffee table, this room can also include a dining table with chairs, of course if the space permits, and with care to ensure that the dining room decor fits the general atmosphere of the living room.

4- Reading corner

Among the ideas for a modern living room decor is to allocate a corner in the room for reading by placing a comfortable chair and a coffee table, and it is preferable if your living room overlooks the outside space and placing the reading corner near it so that the place entices reading and is full of inspiration and relaxation.

5- Renewing the traditional character

The use of old style in decoration is a great idea in the living room, and it is based on integrating old fashioned furniture with modern ones, such as colorful bamboo chairs and the shape of vintage sofas. In this way, the space will be given more value and will be an ideal model for what the mixing of old and new can generate in one space.

6- Bringing up the latest trends

Make an update in the décor of your living room as you update your wardrobe every season with the latest trends in fashion, as Design World offers each season new decor trends in colors, furniture and accessories as well. Among the newest décor touches this season are the rooms in neutral colors that can be coordinated with zebra prints and milky tones as in the picture.

7- Silver Touch

The degree of silver color will give the living room an atmosphere of sophistication and distinction, you can choose this degree in wall paint and in furnishings and accessories, taking care to diversify the degrees of silver, meaning not choosing it to the same degree.

8- Editions of roses

These prints, wherever they are placed, never disappoint, as they are a fashion that does not die in fashion and fashion, so in the decor can be relied upon to obtain a modern and comfortable decor that brightens the space and increases its brightness. It can be chosen as a main element in the space, such as cladding walls or sofas, and can be satisfied as an addition and secondary decoration through small pillows and decorative accessories.

9- Create a dynamic session

It is nice to depart from the ordinary and choose furniture with an unconventional design that allows creating a dynamic session like this design embodied in the picture, which is reflected in the model of sofas placed in the middle of the room in a way that creates two corners for conversation.

10- Choose the appropriate decoration for the narrow space

Small space is always a difficult knot to solve, especially if it comes to the living room, and to bypass the space constraints and turn a small space into an elegant living room, it is preferable to use the appropriate furniture for the size of the room. And do not forget that using small furniture in a narrow space will exacerbate the feeling of smallness of the space, and in terms of colors, light tones are best suited to illuminate the space and cover the disadvantage of the space.

11- Diversification of lighting accessories

Whether the living room is narrow or spacious, it is important to diversify lighting accessories and choose them in modern and modern designs and move away from traditional and stereotypical ones in order to create an atmosphere of modernity, and in one space, different models of lighting accessories can be chosen, provided that they are consistent with the general decor of the room.

12- Leather sofas

Leather sofas may be one of the furnishings that go back in fashion for an old time, but with the passage of years it remains an indelible choice, and it will undoubtedly be a trump card to have a modern and contemporary decor in the living room.

13- Creating living space in unusual angles

When you renovate the living room or want to give it a modern character, it will be appropriate to use one of the special and unconventional corners of the house to create a living room decor as embodied in the picture.

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