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15 funky ideas for using wallpaper in the home

Sometimes we do not need this radical change in the home until we change the routine of space, break its monotony, give it a touch of style, and the most informative proof of that is the wallpaper, all we need is the simplicity of choosing and creating an idea, especially since wallpaper is more than just covering the wall and decorating it for other functions and uses. Many will impress you.

It is true that we are accustomed to wallpaper as a wall decoration only, but this should not exclude the idea of ​​using it in other functions such as decorating the table or cupboard of utensils in the kitchen or even the stairs, and it is possible to transform an ordinary room into a distinctive and unique space thanks to the wallpaper.

Bathroom wallpaper
Wallpaper in Boston

Unleash your creativity and renew your space by using wallpaper in innovative ways that reflect the guests a high taste in choosing and creativity in the renewal of the home decor.

# 1 Provide your walls with a vivid color

We start with the classic use of wallpaper, but with unusual colors and patterns, there is nothing better than colors to give the room joy and happiness, choose wallpaper with striking colors and patterns and let the wall show off its new look, the entire walls can be decorated or only with a specific facade.

Or completely change the theme by using 3D wallpaper to cover the walls or columns.

# 2 Transfer the wallpaper refreshment to your cabinet wallpaper

As we have already said, wallpaper is not only associated with walls, as its colors and patterns can be transferred to decorate the living room wardrobe, which includes books, candle accessories, and vases, or why not the utensils cabinet in the kitchen as shown in the pictures.

# 3 Hang it as pictures

There is no need to wrap the whole wall with paper to get a strong effect, wall decorations can be made by cutting 12 pieces of wallpaper, in different colors and prints, into squares and framing them and hanging them on the walls just like the pictures!

# 4 Decorate a coffee table

The coffee table in the living room can also be touched by the touch of wallpaper, either by sticking it on the table or just putting a transparent glass sheet over it that reflects the beauty of the color and graphics of the paper, so you can change the paper every time and give an instant refreshment of the space.

# 5 Bold, coordinated cuts

The beauty of the wallpaper is the ease and smoothness it allows during the implementation of the idea, and as embodied in the picture, the distribution of wallpaper in the space in parts, a dazzling idea, and it will be completed more by coordinating the rest of the room accessories such as the chair and boxes with the color and patterns of the wallpaper to look like it.

# 6 Use it as camouflage and conceal imperfections

Wallpaper can play a camouflaging role, such as hiding wall imperfections and manipulating spaces with visual tricks, like this image where a white and orange stripe with floral patterns hides scratches on one side of the wall.

Wallpaper installation in Boston MA.
Boston Wallpaper services

# 7 Frilly and Colorful Staircase

An interesting idea that can be implemented using wallpaper; Decorating the stairs, the idea would be more bold and lively if it was chosen in a variety of colors and patterns, which would give this corner aesthetic and value that would make every guest stand in front of it.

# 8 Decorate the room ceiling

Hanging wallpaper on the ceiling of the room is one of the funky and bold ideas that will change a lot of the general decor, in the photo purple wallpaper with a red rose pattern in the red bathroom adds a captivating romantic feeling to the space. When applying this idea, it is preferable to settle for it only in the ceiling and not to use it on the rest of the walls, to avoid narrowing the space.

# 9 Simplicity is key to excellence

Simple prints can create a dramatic change in plain space, such as adding textured paper to the interior of a bathroom cabinet that holds medicines and detergents.

# 10 Decorating a chair wooden

Transforming a wooden kitchen chair into something more unique and unique is possible with these decorations, the process is simple; All you have to do is paste the wallpaper on the chair and be amazed with the result.

# 11 Cupboard door wrapping

The wardrobe will become more striking with this simple trick that will add an atmosphere of vitality to the general atmosphere of the room, between prints of roses, lines and hats. The choice between them is up to the owner of the wardrobe.

# 12 Cheerful nursery decorations

The children's room is a space that opens the door wide open to all creativity, given that the children's world accommodates all colors and patterns, the task of decorating the walls of the child's room will be easy, such as the idea of ​​forming paper on the walls in spontaneous shapes with cartoon characters as embodied in the picture.

# 13 Decorate a clothes hanger

From the distinctive and simple ideas that the wallpaper provides for those related to clothes glitter, their appearance will completely change and become an additional decoration for your wardrobe, and as soon as you open it, you will be dazzled by the colors and patterns on the hangers.

# 14 Change

Form Lighting accessory

Perhaps the last thing to expect is to see wallpaper on lighting accessories, but creativity has no limits, a little creativity with mastery of the idea gives an impressive result. If you are tired of your old look and want to change it, know that the simplest way to do that is the one that we suggest and not replace it with a new one.

# 15 A surprise item on the shelves

Make the wallpaper an element of surprise that you discover when the shelves are opened, the idea here revolves around placing the wallpaper on the sides of the shelves that are only visible when they are opened, so we said about it the element of surprise, definitely a distinctive surprise!

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