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Your home’s deck is a great place to relax and just unwind after a hard day or week at work. In many ways, your deck is pretty much an outdoor room. Unlike the other rooms in your home however, this one is exposed to the elements all the time. As a result, it can easily get damaged. Which is why we always encourage you to focus on deck staining. d'Lanes Painting is a professional deck staining and repair in Boston, Framingham and Metrowest Mass.

What is deck staining?

Our deck staining process is designed to help you protect your deck from any water damage, winds or scratches. The reality is that more often than not a deck will always have lots of foot traffic and it will deal with lots of water. So deck staining is extremely important, and it can help you keep your deck clean and beautiful in the long run.

However, the challenge with deck staining is that this is a process that might be a bit tricky to do on your own. It’s not very easy, but it does bring in front a lot of potential either way. If you want to avoid any deck damage in the long run and protect your deck from any possible issues, d'Lanes Painting can solve all your deck staining issues. With our deck staining professionals you will improve your deck color, enhance its look and bringing a lot of new features too.

How often do you need to stain your deck?

Despite what you might think, deck staining is not something you have to do all the time. Of course, this does depend on a few factors. The most important one is the kind of weather exposure your deck has. Is this a large deck, what kind of weather problems are you facing? For example in Massachusetts its normal all decks deals with UV rays on hot summer and icing and snow on winter and a very raining on spring  for example will have to stain their deck more often. 

But even so, deck staining is something you want to do once every 2-3 years, maybe even more. The idea is simple, if you start deck staining the right way, there won’t be any major problems, and you will get to stay away from a whole lot of problems. However, bad deck staining will not last for a long time and the protection will be minimal. d'Lanes Painting and deck staining professional is the best option to solve all your deck problems. 

Sure, you can start the deck staining process yourself, but more often than not it will be hard to complete on your own without the right guidance. d'Lanes Painting and its deck staining professionals is indeed an important aspect of deck maintenance, and it’s something that will help breathe new life into your deck. Yes, it might be time-consuming and tedious at times, but this is well worth the effort. And the best part is that staining your deck is not that expensive either. So you can indeed get the best value for your money, just gives us a call at 774.279.0665 or email us at and schedule a free quote appointment.


Staining gives your deck a strong layer of protection against wear and tear. With the right staining products — prepared and applied correctly — your deck will last for many years. Each type of stain is designed for use on a specific type of project. For example, a deck stain is specially formulated to handle the foot traffic that is experienced on a deck. It is important to use a stain that is applicable to your project.

Opacity Stains

Stains offer a variety of different levels of opacity, from clear finishes to solid colors. Opacity is determined by the amount of pigment in a stain. The more pigment, the more opaque the coverage will be. More opaque stains offer longer-lasting protection for the wood.

Transparent, semi-transparent, and semi-solid stains are designed to protect without completely obscuring the natural color and texture of wood. As the opacity moves towards solid, less grain shows through the finish. In contrast, solid stains will completely mask the wood grain, while allowing the wood texture to show through.

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