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Boston Wall covering 

Wallpaper Installation and removal by d'lanes painting.

Tired of seeing the plain old walls filled with boring wallpapers every time you pass by the living room? Want to brighten up the atmosphere of your cherished home? Then d'Lanes Painting has the perfect solution for you. d'Lanes Painting has been established from 2003 and is a rapidly growing business. We provide exceptional services in Boston and its surrounding areas.

The team at d'Lanes Painting is very devoted and understands how important walls are. Walls have the power to breathe new life into a place and so they make sure that the wallpaper they put does exactly that. There’s a lot that goes into wallpaper installation and our team makes sure that every aspect is covered.

d'Lanes Painting believes in providing the only best services and for that we have trained our staff remarkably well. Our team makes sure to come to your designated place and to take all the necessary measurements required for wallpaper coverage. Even after the measurements are taken, we show up with extra material so that we achieve the proper finish.

 We make sure that the proper material is chosen for the right wall. Usually fabrics and non-woven wallpaper proves the best for dry places such as bedrooms and hallways. Whereas Vinyl is great for areas with a lot of moisture especially the bathroom.  

Wall covering in Boston MA

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Wallpaper Hanging Installation

It is very important to prep before starting the work. A smooth surface is preferred before starting work. Hence the walls are sanded and then scrubbed (when necessary) with a wet sponge and detergent.  Choosing the right glue is also of great importance for specific papers require specific adhesives. The experts then make sure that the wallpaper is leveled for it is the most critical step. The excess wallpaper is to be cut from the sides and wallpaper is pressed upon to ensure a beautiful finish before leaving it to dry.

Wallpaper installation in Boston MA

Wallpaper removal

d'Lanes Painting makes sure that the same etiquette is followed for the procedure of wallpaper removal as well as it’s as much as an important process as the wallpaper installation. A bad wallpaper is as displeasing as a plain one and it’s completely understandable if you want to remove it. Our professional team will make sure that it is removed like no wallpaper was ever there. We will try our best to deliver the utmost service possible that not only satisfies you but turns you into a promising client.

If you are indecisive about your walls, then not to worry for our company has professionals who will give advice on what color and design will suit your walls the best. You might think that by choosing a cheap wallpaper it will help you save, but it will not prove beneficial in the long term. Think quality and do yourself a favor. Don’t think of saving when it comes to designing of your precious walls. Not only will the wallpaper we install for you will last long, but it will breathe fresh air into your place. 

If you have any further queries, feel free to contact us at 774-279-0665 or you can email us at jrlanes@dlaneservice.com

Wallpaper Removal in Boston MA
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