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Hand tools and equipment that must be found in every home!

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

In their lives and in their homes, people face many problems and malfunctions that can occur in electrical appliances, in household furniture, in water networks, in household electricity, or anything else. Therefore, it has become necessary to have a box of tools and equipment in every home that contains the most important and most used tools for repairing these faults. Hand tools range from basic tools, tools for breakdowns and mid-career tasks, and tools for breakdowns and advanced or professional tasks. We'll learn about it in this article.

The essential hand tools every person needs

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The essential hand tools every person needs

They are the basic tools that anyone would need to perform various tasks at home.

Hammer (hammer), preferably with two claws.

A set of screwdrivers of different sizes and types.

A set of English wrenches (nut wrenches), or a changeable wrench.

Pliers (pliers).

Wire cutter.


Measuring tape (meter).

Adhesive (TIP).

Equipment box, preferably large and solid type.

Simple DIY Hand Tools

These are the tools a person needs for simple self-employment (do it yourself) such as installing shelves, hanging pictures on the wall, and similar works.

Pipe key.

Wood saw and iron hand saw.

A set of hex keys (Allen keys).

Water scale.

A set of screws and nails with mounting wedges (more than one size and more than one size).

Medium-advanced self-service hand tools and equipment

The tools that a person needs for self-employment (do it yourself) are medium in size or somewhat advanced and that require additional equipment.

Electric drill.

Circular electric saw.

Screwdrivers set with multiple variable heads.

Electrical test screwdriver (Tester).


Sandpaper (sandpaper) with hand sanding.

paint brush.

Hand tools and equipment that must be found in every home!

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