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Reduce Stress with your choice of Color

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Artists and interior designers have long believed that paint colors and patterns in your home can dramatically play an integral role in reflecting an individual’s personality. Psychological examinations suggests that colors profoundly affects the mental health and altogether sway the emotions and moods that individuals feel. Color tones accomplish such a great deal than just provide creative art works, decoration and beautification. Paint dyes helps ease stress and makes the individual feel healthy and joyful. Colors are considered as powerful tool of communication and can be used to signify actions, impact attitude and even influence physiological responses. Colors have a unique ability to transform the shape and size of furnishings, along with the room itself.

Selecting color combinations from a palette is one of the most intimidating task for beginners but it is not hard if someone is equipped with an understanding and information about colors and their effects. The trick to beautify your living space is apply a blend of colors you like into a pleasing combination

Although most people may not invest a lot of time in thinking about their room color, it affects us daily. Room color can significantly impact our thoughts, our mood and affect us in several other ways, subject to the gender, age group, culture and climate. It is important to choose colors wisely when it comes to decorating.

Once you find something you like, limit your colors in a room to a select few. Too many colors can make a room feel chaotic or cluttered.

Shades of Blue

Blue remains a top choice for calming and soothing effect. Almost every tone from blue family have a unique ability to create a sense of peace and serenity, encouraging better sleep. Researchers suggest that waking up in a room surrounded by blue walls helps you to start your day on a sanguine note and make you feel happier.

From sky blue to royal blue, along with blue-green mixture, there are numerous hues blue, even some of the brighter dyes can turn out to be stress-releasing. Blue contains the full spectrum of nature and life including air and water, sadness and happiness, and also relates to the idea of masculinity and femininity. Pulling these natural colors into living spaces is comforting and helps you to breathe fresh air at the end of the day.

Timeless Classic: White

Often associated with grace and class, white is clean, helps to reduce cluttering thoughts and produce a soothing effect. Avoid the whites having murkier bases and stark shades. Apply something with a warmer base to experience comfort and purity.

Timelessly classic, there are countless shades of white available, release your stress and make your room feel more spacious.

Time for a whitewash!

Yellow Hues

Yellow, the color of happiness, perhaps induces a positive vibe. Generally, the human brain captures the joy of sunshine, but even in terms of bedrooms, yellow rooms see people who tend to have long sleeping periods.

Although a majority of people avoid painting super-bright shades, but a nice golden yellow may create a less stressful ambiance.

Shades of Green

The most restful color, almost every tone of green, be it lighter themes, blue-green tones, each one of them creates a calming effect. Regardless of whether you would prefer not to paint a whole room green, you can pick an accent wall and pair it with another relieving tone to create a serene atmosphere. With green, get the most impact from the color change and improve fertility.

Red Bold

Experts believe that the color ‘Red’ boosts blood pressure, speedup respiration, and increases heart rate. It is considered as the most intensive color in terms of stimulating passion, power, and anger and even love as well. It has an exclusive quality to pump the adrenaline like no other hue. If you want to stir up some excitement during night, red is the best choice.

Violet or Lilac

Paint purple in lighter shades, such as lavender and lilac, which can also induce a sense of relaxation to the bedrooms without the risk of feeling too cold. Something concentrated towards pastel side with minimal black in the base can produce best results.

Trendy Gray

Grey is the new trendy color, presently a variety of options in helping reduce stress. Grays in combination with browns can rather be earthy and calming. Moreover, grays based with blue have a similar optimism and calmness as blues offer.

Although gray is edgy and modern in darker hues, avoid pulling dark shades with deep bases, because they present a less welcoming feel and may even induce a sense of agitation.

Deep Oranges

Ancient cultures believed that orange increase energy levels and heal the lungs. Shades of orange that are more along the lines of pumpkin, combined with harvest spice, sunset bronze, and brownish tones can result in a relaxing feel.

Orange can bring a sense of peace and unity, if painted in common spaces where people gather.

Tan Brown

You don’t want a true brown if you’re trying to reduce stress. While brown is earthy and neutral, it can also be drab or cause restlessness when used in certain spaces and shades. Tans and beiges can be perfect for stress relief, relaxation, and inducing calamity.

Colors to discard:

Just as there are several tinges that tranquilize the mood, there are colors that do the inverse, too. If you want your space to be calm, you need to stay away from intense, bold shades or any intricate designs. Paint crafts and wallpapers energizes the overall ambiance of the mood, but these are counted as distractions which disturb the thought process and can lead to more stress. Apart from patterns, it is advised to discard specifically dark, powerful which can possible add to more stress or depression; leading to nightmares, rather than take it away.

The bottom line:

In case you're attempting to plan the ideal tranquil space in your home, the tones recorded above should be on your wish list. Since you know the best and most exceedingly terrible tones for pressure relief, you can begin on building your new quiet space.

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