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The best ideas to change your home decor in simple steps .. 3 easy ideas!

Perhaps you are tired of the decor of your home that accompanied you for years and years, or you want to get a new look for your rooms without losing much money, or maybe you are one of those who love development and change and do not want to always stay in the same space and want to always feel a new luster. All are possibilities, as long as you are still reading this article, that is, you did not come by chance to it, let's go from the introductions and now to dive into an article in which we learn the best ideas for changing your home decor in simple and easy steps.

Best Ideas To Change Your Home Decor With Simple Steps

1- Change the shape of a traditional vase into a modern vase

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Change the shape of a traditional vase into a modern vase

Are you tired of the shape of the vases in your home? And you feel that it has become very traditional and has a shape that does not correspond to modernity? But you don't have a budget to buy many new vases? No problem. You can get a modern vase, just by using some tools.

Necessary tools

Old newspaper paper.

Spray (spray bottle) according to the color you like.

Paste or glue (preferably for household use, not for school or office use).

Some similar plastic coins (you can DIY it).


First, be sure to clean the vase of any dirt or debris stuck to it with a piece of cotton or a well-damp tissue.

You spray the vase with the color you like, but be sure to place the newspaper under the vase so that the spray does not reach the bottom or place where you place the vase and you do not have to re-spray.

In the spraying process, you have to choose one direction to work with, so do not start from the top, then change and start from the bottom until the color is homogeneous.

Use the adhesive to place the plastic pieces beautifully on the vase and match where you will place the vase.

I leave it to dry.

2- A woolen yarn light bulb

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A woolen yarn light bulb

Do you not feel that the lighting units available in your rooms are too traditional and become boring? But you did not find any idea to exploit and develop it? It's okay, you can get a new look for your room bulb just with wool yarn!


Wool yarn ball.

Strong adhesive and transparent at the same time.




Bulb (prefer LED).


You inflate the balloon until it reaches the size of the lighting unit you want.

Tie the balloon and then paint it with the adhesive, to wrap the wool thread in a random way to reach the shape in the picture.

Leave the adhesive material in a warm place until it dries after a few hours.

We pierce the balloon with a pin.

You will get a lighting unit in a beautiful and unusual way as in the picture.

Best Ideas To Change Your Home Decor With Simple Steps

3- Converting bottles into vases

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Converting bottles into vases

Do you have old bottles and don't know how to use them? And do you want to turn it into something new instead of throwing it or leaving it in place? Don't worry, with just a few tools and steps, you can turn them into beautiful vases.


A set of old, transparent bottles.

Glass Color.



a brush


Apply the color inside the bottles, and distribute them with a brush so that it covers all transparent sides, but make sure that you walk within a certain system (i.e. from the bottom up or vice versa), so do not start from one side and then change to the other.

Turn the bottle over and place it on the net, and place a carton under the strainer until you get rid of the excess color completely.

You have a colorful vase to use now, unleash your creativity.

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