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Which one is better Faux or Textured Painting

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Every woman wishes to create a decorative look for exteriors and interior. On the other hand, every business owner wants to attract their potential customers from their workspace aesthetics.

A curb appeal somehow needs some investment that will return you with excellent results. Moreover, creating a unique and clean look of your place is very important in society.

A lot of pollution around makes the dust more evident on matte painted walls. Your space is your heart, and it needs a little bit more decoration than usual.

So, when it comes to decoration and creating an antique-looking appearance, Faux and Textured painting work like wonder in transforming the overall appeal of your residence or commercial space.

Which one is better from Wallpaper Hanging or Faux Painting? Which technique is cost-effective?

Are you thinking about re-painting your residence? And still confused between wallpapers or faux paintings.

Faux and Textured Painting need a bit more budget than wallpaper, but the results are worth it. Faux painting surprisingly helps create an inspirational house look. It will let your neighbors complement your acoustic appearance and decoration.

One more thing is people are usually worried about the paint coats under the wallpapers. They think that installing and removing the wallpaper will result in dry and dull-looking walls. The truth is yes. Wallpaper installing is an excellent choice and works perfectly for you when you have not enough budget for re-painting or repairing your space.

The faux painting is cost-effective and lasts longer than wallpapers. It will let you create your dream custom house with a little more effort and money.

What is Faux or Decorative painting?

People are typically confused between the two terms and, they think that both are different techniques. However, Faux, or decorative painting are both the same techniques and works in giving you marble, wooden, and texture glazes to your exterior and interior.

It is the use of different stencils, patterns, or tools for creating a decorative surface.

Can we faux paint a house with DIYS?

We will never recommend this because faux painting techniques need expert and experienced painters for the perfect job. Doing the job wrong with low-quality paints will give your house appearance the worst patterns that are not easy to remove.

Faux & Textured Painting Service by d’Lanes Painting Contractors:

We feel happy to provide you with the best faux paints and techniques. We will be there at your place when you Contact our customer representative.

At d’Lanes painting service, we provide complete guidance related to cost-effective decorative painting techniques. Either you want Faux painting for your residence or commercial space, we provide all the painting services reliably and efficiently.

Our Faux Painting Services range from marbleizing, abstract wood grains, artificial stones, stripping, clouding, glazing, Faux granite to faux bricks painting.

Sanding the pre-applied paint coats and Priming:

We take no time in sanding the walls and priming them with extra care. When our clients trust their projects to our team, we make sure to finish tasks without wasting time.

Sanding and prepping are essential in giving a perfect textured wall. We ensure you to fix the molds before painting them.

Glazing the surface:

As Faux painting does not only require one paint coat for a smooth finished texture so, giving a base paint coat to your exterior and interior is very necessary.

A shiny or glossy finished result come for glazing surfaces with high quality and durable base coats. Glazing takes a little bit more time to dry.

Creating your desired custom textured walls:

After we follow all the pre-requisites, we make sure to use artistic brushes, sponges, rags, rollers, or beautiful stencils and patterns in giving your walls an artistic and enchanted feel. Our shades consultation team will provide you with the best color ideas. It will help in creating a curb appeal.

Five Excellent Color Combinations for Faux Painting that works incredibly:

There is no doubt in saying that perfect color combinations are the key to innovative exteriors and interior. Whether you want a decorative painting for the living room or your workspace, it is essential to select colors that give you dream results.

While selecting colors, keep in mind the color of interior and exterior furniture. Choosing distinguished colors will not provide you with the desired results. Sticking to one of your favorite colors and contrasts it with its hues is an ideal choice.

Purple and White Textured Accent Wall for Bedrooms:

Bedrooms are the cozy corner of your house. Create a luxurious room with purple and white marble texture accent wall and contrast it with off-white or cream-colored walls. It will work surprisingly with white furniture or vanity.

Brown and White Brick Wall for Kitchen or Outside walls:

We always see houses with bricks or brick textured walls that catches our attention. The kitchen is the most frequently used space in our home that gets dirty with ease. Stubborn stains on the walls are not easy to remove.

Create a beautiful kitchen with brick texture paints. Brown or red bricks textured walls or ceilings give your kitchen a modern and aesthetic look.

Gray and white Graphite Faux Painting for Basements & Living Room:

The living room and basements are the heart of your house that gives your guests a relaxing environment. Let us create an antique-looking graphite wall for you with gray and white texture paints. Either you have wooden furniture or colored one the, graphite wall contrasts with every shade.

Blue and White Cloud Swirling Texture:

Blue and white are the most loving combination of this year. Whether you want to contrast blue with warm gray or white for your youngster kid space, it will work like a wonder and adds depth to its exterior and interior. Cloud swirling faux texture creates a warm yet energizing environment for every commercial space.

Black & off-white color striped walls for Office rooms:

Walls with horizontal or vertical strip paints works like radiating your atmosphere. Create a luxurious looking workspace by adding strip patterns to your office. It will create a stylish yet classic looking environment for you.

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