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15 Great Kitchen Decor Ideas

Kitchen decor is one of the most important decorations in any home, how not when the kitchen is the beating heart of every house and the kingdom of Eve, in which she prepares for her family the most delicious and delicious dishes, and on this basis it is very important to select the kitchen decor in a way in which it prefers the factor of comfort and practicality and at the same time keeping up with the latest and latest trends Which is used by the world of design and decoration.

This new season, new and distinctive updates have occurred regarding kitchen decor in terms of colors and design, and because it matters to you, and in order for you to have a deeper idea of ​​the topic, we suggest the newest ideas that can be added to the kitchen and get in a moment the space that you have always dreamed of!

Boston kitchen painting professional.
Kitchen painting in Boston

1. A dark floor

If the kitchen walls and windows are in a light color such as white, for example, it will be appropriate to choose the color of the floor in a dark and dark tone, first to create a kind of contrast and break the light tone prevailing in the kitchen, and secondly to create a kind of warmth in the space.

2. Paint the kitchen gray

The leading manufacturers in the kitchen furniture industry say that while the white color continues to dominate the kitchen cabinets, gray has appeared to break this lead and be a trend in the 2017 kitchen decor that gives a strong modern look, and it can easily be mixed with any other vibrant color.

3. Classic white and black

The trends may change and renew every season, but the classic black and white in Daimore in a kitchen that never dies, and interior designers always find a way to present them commercially with the latest international fashions.

With this idea, everything is about applying the refined contrast between white and black and distributing it in a way that matches the kitchen space and design.

4. Choose bold combinations

Making a difference and creating distinction in the decor of any kitchen does not come only through bold paint colors, as it is possible to evoke this boldness through bold decorative combinations and accessories, such as these huge lamps embodied in the image that draws attention as the first bold element, beautiful and practical and contribute to creating drama in Low ceiling kitchen.

5. Means of storage

The aesthetic of any kitchen is reflected first in the arrangement and order in the distribution and storage of furniture, and the means of storage must be chosen in a way that is an addition to the decor and beauty of the kitchen and not vice versa, it is important that the means of storage are smart and maintain the arrangement and order of the kitchen.

Boston kitchen painting.
Kitchen painting ideas.

6. Evoke the technology revolution

There is no harm in keeping pace with technological development and bringing it in the kitchen, for this is the so-called kitchen of the future, which has impressive ideas and technology, such as sensor activated lights that illuminate the kitchen only when it is in use, and thermometers that alert your smartphone when dinner is done, kitchen technology is spreading more And more because it simply makes your life easier.

7. Save your money with this idea

The image may sometimes deceive and delude the other about what we want, this rule can be applied in kitchen decor, meaning that the piece of decoration does not necessarily have to be original, you can save money and buy one similar to it. Whoever sees the picture that we propose may think that it is original marble, but what can be adopted Imagine that it is marble, in the first and last no one will know that!

8. Decorative basin apron

One of the most important aspects of the kitchen that should not be excluded when renewing the design and decor of the kitchen is the water basin, which, although we are accustomed to certain classic forms, there are more than one design and decoration to incorporate this element in raising the beauty of your kitchen decor.

These sinks are dominated by white because it blends well with granite countertops, and adds a timeless focal point to practically any kitchen, and design experts believe that apron front sinks are best suited for medium or large kitchens.

9. Modify the decor to match the style of the house

And at the time when the kitchens were just a space for cooking only, they now compete in their beautiful decorations, the finest living rooms, and they can be like any room in the house, so it is important to design their décor in line with the decor and the general style of the house through mattresses and ornamental furniture.

10. Funky refrigerator

What do you think about distinguishing your kitchen with a touch that makes everyone wonder (positively, of course)? If the idea excites you, you must have this distinctive idea that is embodied in choosing the refrigerator in an unconventional and classic way, that complements the general kitchen decor and increases it uniqueness from what we are used to in kitchen decor.

11. Smart use of metallic

Metals such as silver, bronze and gold can be summoned in your kitchen decor distinctively, by adopting it in the chairs and main table columns in the kitchen, this touch adds an old flavor to the rest of the modern and modern decor items, and the metallic rose-bronze is the most recommended thing except for the golden of course, which is still in its place saved.

12. Evoke a refreshment of green

It is no wonder that we emphasized this color in this list, as it is one of the most popular shades that are recommended as a paint not only for the kitchen but for the rooms of the house as a whole, but in the kitchen it has a different effect that must be employed in the correct form by choosing the calm shade and mixing it with a slightly darker shade.

13. The magic of white kitchens

Perhaps you now know the secret behind the continued leadership of white in kitchen decor, and the image is the most telling evidence of that. What can be obtained with the help of white may not be able to other colors.

This color avoids any style and any addition, it helps you to control the decor smoothly and flexibly, unlike some colors that impose a certain style.

14. Floor in the form of a chess table

A strange and playful idea at the same time will add an addition to your kitchen, this space will give an atmosphere of joy and joy expressed by the colors of the chess table, which were not chosen in white and black, but in white and orange!

15. Decor wallpaper

When using wallpaper in kitchen decor, it is important to choose prints and colors that are in line with the space of the room, that is, to stay away from wallpaper printed in dark colors in a small kitchen space in order not to over-narrow the space.

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