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Color Ideas and Tricks to attract customers to your restaurants and cafes

Encourage your customers to come to your space by adding colors to its exterior and interior surfaces. Attract your customers towards your restaurants and add value to your business. By using the best ideas and color schemes that D’ Lanes Painting Contractors will provide you with our commercial painting services in Boston Ma.

An eye-catching, fresh, and neat appearance captures attention and provides you with a lot more customers to your restaurants and cafes. However, Color psychology plays a vital role in creating the first impression of your work.

Different colors work for businesses and choosing the right colors at the right place will give your customer a clear idea about what kind of services you are providing. Quality of food & Hospitality is the first and foremost factor, but ambiance matters a lot.

Best Color schemes and combinations for interiors that make your customers come back:

Never use Bright Red:

When choosing the color for your interior and exterior, always keep in mind the logo and brand name because it creates a rough sketch in your mind that which colors are best for your restaurants and cafes.

Restaurants and cafes work in many varieties. Some work in providing breakfast services, dining services, beverages, coffee, and fast-food services.

When we hear about red, the first two or three things that come in our mind are a sense of hunger, danger, and spice.

Research shows that restaurant which serves fast foods usually use red in their interior walls as red provokes hunger but using red for as calming and soothing ambiance is a big no.

Green & Tones of green:

Green is a color of inviting customers towards healthy food. The restaurant that works in promoting healthy organic foods will probably go for dark or forest green. However, if you do not want dark green or light green, keep in mind the intensities and hues for green and select some lime green, teal, and turquoise. It will give the restaurant a vibrant look.

Bright yellow & White:

Bright yellow with white textured or designed walls will create a sense of joy, cheerfulness, and prosperous life. For restaurants that deliver lunch and breakfast services and where space is a little bit smaller, yellow will work like a charm for you because a bright yellow color with white floors and ceilings makes the environment look bigger when natural sunlight falls on it.

Matte Black with neutral gray or white:

Create some romantic and intimate space for couples by using dark hues of black. d’Lanes Painting color consultation team prefers black color for a restaurant which have a larger area.

However, if your restaurant or café bar is small and you still want to add black color to its walls, choose matte black paint for the reception & shelf walls and complement it with neutral gray or white. Black is a powerful color that encourages feelings for love and beauty.

Light white and Beige color:

Light colors add life to your dream cafes and restaurants. Research shows that light colors add more worth to your hospitality and makes your customers spend more time than usual.

Selecting white for walls and ceilings will have one more benefit that it will expand the space look.

Why not add some stylish sense to your cafes and restaurants by contrasting white or off-white with beige or caramel colors?

Cafes and bars that serve desserts and ice-creams usually give their walls and windows a beige color and contrasts it with off-white because it is the sweetest color combination.

Color ideas and combinations for dining environments:

Shades of blue:

Blue adds life to every place where it is applied. Blue depicts aqua-marine life. It will you a sense of a clear, crystal sky when sky blue is chosen as wall colors because it has more depth and beauty. It will give a sense of serenity and warmth if dark blue or navy blue is applied.

Aside from this, the blue color represents Thirst and, if used in cafes and bars that serve beverages, it is like adding more business value to it.

Brown woody floors with buttercream color:

Beautiful wood polished furniture makes your restaurant and bars look luxurious.

Why not use brown colored floors and complement them with cream-colored walls that not only make your space looks lavish but make your customers complement its ambiance.

Brown is a color of nature. Paint your restaurant windows with dark brown or light brown and make fresh air come into your space.

Best Color ideas and combinations for exterior commercial painting:

Look at your brand name first and then decide later.

Natural Warm Green with Wooden doors and fences:

Green and brown are the colors that do justice to nature. People love to see a calm green color when they feel tired or get free from their busy schedule. Green and wood depict a natural environment and serves as promoting peace and harmony.

Wood brown or earthy tones of brown are mesmerizing because these color tones match with every brand.

Earthy-brown tones or colors are perfect for restaurants and cafes that give dine in services.

Brick Red:

Most people usually love using a brick red color on the exterior walls. Red is mostly not preferred for the interior surface but can be used as brick red to create an elegant and appealing look for the exterior. Brick red color is perfect for brick walls and looks pretty with white or black railings or gates.

Gray & White:

Gray and white color tones are a never-ending trend. Gray-colored walls with textured white patterns and chalk-white designs for walls is an excellent idea. Apart from giving a warm, appealing look, it will serve as uplifting your business. People love to visit places with warmth and a natural environment for dining.

Bold Blue or Red Colored walls:

Bold blue and red color with a combination of some bright yellow or orange exteriors act as eye-catching colors will service as promoting your business.

Purple & Pink With touches of white:

These color ideas work for bars that serve sweets and baking items. However, both purple and pink are feminine colors and, most restaurant owners are afraid of using these colors as their exterior walls or front doors. Pastel colors catch the

attention of ladies and kids because they love to eat sweets and chocolates. So why not add these colors to your dessert café?

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