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Fence Painting & Staining Services-Exterior Painting

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Why build a fence around the house?

While roaming or walking around your home, you see wooden, iron, chain-link fences around your neighbor’s house and, it will capture your attention.

Building a fence on the exterior side of the house is somehow optional. Wooden or Chain-Link Fences are typical, built around houses for security purposes. Aside from wooden fences serves as a barrier, building a wooden or iron fence will make your home look more attractive and eye-catching?

Fencing around your house will add a style statement and will make your guests compliment the curb appeal.

Why do fences need to be maintained?

Painting the whole house makes the look beautiful but, why ignore the barrier around your backyard or garden.

Weather conditions, natural sunlight, moisture, and mildew will make the fence paint to flake off easily. Direct sunlight and direct falling Ultraviolet Rays on wood will make it crack faster and, so it will look dull.

If your exterior walls look pretty but not the fence, then you are probably doing something wrong?

Create a balanced look by painting and staining a fence that provides you and your plant with security.

Some people have wood or timber fences installed at their house. However, if you have wooden fences in your house, you are probably worried about termites and beetles will make them look more worst.

Metal fences, when gently exposed to sunlight and moisture, will get rusty. It needs to be protected and shielded as soon as possible.

Installing and building a fence around your house and backyard, again and again, will make you worried about the cost and money you must have to pay but no need to worry more because we are going to upgrade your fence without any headache. Instead of building a wood fence again, why not maintain them with good quality staining and painting.

What services our team provides for your fences?

Your exterior needs to be as luxurious as your interior house.

Our goal is to make your interior and exterior house look more mesmerizing and appealing.

We know that installing fences around the houses is somehow costly than painting and staining them.

d’Lanes Painting is a professional team of experts. We provide all the exterior and interior painting services without disturbing your routine and wasting you more money. Hire us to save your precious time because we work for quality and satisfaction.

Our professional team will guide you about the best quality paints and stains that provide you with a long-lasting finish.

How d’Lanes painting team starts working?

We visit our client and inspect the wooden fence boards, link-chains, or iron of your fence. After checking the fence exterior, we will provide you a free quote and estimate regarding painting and staining.

Pricing and costs of fence painting, staining typically depends upon the condition of the fence. Some fences need to be fixed before painting. So, for repairing and painting, we will charge a little bit more.

The fence needs to be stained and painted by experts because it is harder to fix, prime, and prepare for painting. Paints apply directly to flaky, rusty fence surfaces do not give it a smooth and finishing look.

However, some people just built their fences new and want us to paint from scratch. Our team gives ideas and consultations regarding colors and quality.

We let our customers decide themselves what look they want for fences.

Painting and staining are both great options because both can give your house a fresh look.

Our clients are always curious about staining and fencing and, they are stuck between selecting what is best for them and are worried about the results.

As staining takes more time to apply and soaks into the wood so, it is costly than painting. We want you to keep in mind that to paint instead of staining because staining costs more and if you are low on budget but still want changes around you, then go for painting your fence.

Staining fence will take more time to dry out and reach inner parts of the wood, but staining fence will last longer than painting.

However, we provide the best quality deck staining services. You must check out the staining services.

Paint dries more quickly, so sometimes weather conditions make you upgrade paint again and again. It does not soak into the fence and protect the surface from insects and moist dew. d’Lanes painting services are budget-friendly.

What procedure do we follow for painting and staining fences?

We prep and repair the fence before applying paint coats. Preparing the fence surface includes removing excessive paint, flakes, and peels.

Spraying the surface with good quality insects-killing sprays will make the paint stand out for a long.

Our team clean and scratch the rusty surfaces and dust off the iron before priming them.

We apply the best quality primers to fence surfaces that will make the paint stand out. Priming the fence surface will protect it from outside moisture. For iron surfaces, iron oxide primers, galvanized primers are a better option.

We provide a super coat of excellent quality latex paint to the wood fence because of its adhesion properties. For metal fences, we use aerosol paints and stains.

Our last step is to give the fence a glossy and shiny look by spraying it.

What colors are best for garden and backyard fence painting?

Painting the fence that contrasts with the overall exterior house will make curb appeal.

Painting your fence darker make it absorbs more natural sunlight and, there are chances that cracks will appear early.

Garden is the most calming place in your home contrast the green grass and plants with woody brown or light brown is an excellent idea.

Choose some grayish neutral color that better complements every exterior color of your house.

Rich redwood, Dark brown, and black is better for staining options because they give them a natural look.

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