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Learn about the types of wall paints used in modern homes!

The paints (paint) used in painting interior walls vary greatly, according to the appearance in which it appears, and according to the luster it gives, and each type has different features than others, so it is best to know all types of wall paint before starting to paint the walls of your interior to help you make a good choice The right kind for you. What follows is a detail of these types.

Types of wall paint according to the base it is made of

Water-based paint

Boston interior paint
Sherwin Williams Interior Paint

Boston interior paint
Benjamin Moore Interior Paint

It is the most popular and used for interior walls, and what is distinguished by its low levels of toxic emissions, ease of cleaning with water, quick drying, and color stability over time.

Oil paint

Which is frequently used in woodworking, decorations, doors and furniture. It is distinguished from water-based paint by its attractive luster, durability on walls, and smooth texture.

Types of wall paint according to gloss

Matte paint

It is the most used for interior walls, and it is characterized by the absence of any shine or light reflection on the painted wall, and it is preferred to hide any irregularities or bends in the walls as no lights are reflected on those walls, which makes them almost invisible to the naked eye.

It is also characterized by ease of use, which can be more than one layer to produce strength in the color used. You can also use the regular brush or roller brush. The disadvantage, however, is that it is quickly dirty, which can be difficult to clean with damp cloth.

Gloss paint

It is also one of the most widespread types, and unlike the stretchable paint, this type is characterized by the high glossiness of the painted wall, it is distinguished by its ease of cleaning, and it is disadvantaged by the appearance of bends and waviness in the walls. Many people prefer using this type over woodwork because of the luster it adds.

Semi-gloss paint

It is the paint that has a luster, and it is usually used in decorative paint more than the interior walls, and what distinguishes it is its ability to withstand dirt and the ease of cleaning it if it is dirty.

Satin and Eggshell paint

Which is between glossy paint and matte paint, as it has a little gloss, and is usually used in places of great use that are prone to dirt such as kitchens and bathrooms, where it can be cleaned without affecting its gloss.

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