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Medical Facilities Painting Services-Hospital, Clinics, Healthcare Centers

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Creating an aesthetic clean yet, sophisticated environment for medical staff and patients is a difficult task. Bacterial & dirty germs infected, outdated exterior & Interior walls make the outsiders think you as unhygienic service providers and, visitors will never trust you again.

Hospitals, Healthcare centers, Clinics, and Pharmacies need to be updated and maintained with time because dust, dirt, and infectious micro-organisms make the environment worst for patients and staff. Moreover, using the worst quality aromatic paints will additionally affect the health of patients and medical staff.

Why hire professionals for Medical Facilities & Health Centers Painting?

Hospitals and Health centers need to be painted by professionals. Only experts know the color pigments and best quality that fits for these places.

We work to earn the confidence of clients. Our painting contractors are working for the past many years.

How we work in providing the painting service to the health center?

Scheduling -We respect the environment of all healthcare systems. We will make sure to work according to the schedule that will never disrupt suffering patients.

Guiding you with the best-Our team provides medical staff with all the guidelines about the best quality paints that will contain no Volatile organic compounds, that are microbicidal and anti-bacterial.

Color consultations-Our color consultation team recommends all the colors that will perfectly fit the environment of medical facilities. Our goal is to give colors that will help heal the suffering mind and soul. We know that the color for this place needs to be of superior quality.

Sanitize & Clean: We ensure that our tools and equipment are sanitized and bacterial free before we start to work. Moreover, we use the best quality sprays in removing germs from the interior and exterior surfaces to provide a clean and hygienic environment.

Work Efficiently-Our team never aims to tackle the tasks in a rush. Our team is friendly and works reliably and efficiently in providing you with clean aesthetic finishes. We provide super quality paint coats, and we make sure never to disturb your working hours.

We work for all the exterior and interior medical facilities centers efficiently and effectively.

We work in providing Interior services for:

· Pharmacies painting.

· Surgical Centers painting.

· Hospital & Clinics Painting.

· Reception Painting.

· Wards & Operation Theatres Painting.

Our Services for Exterior are:

· Parking Lot Painting.

· Gates & Door Painting.

· Wood Staining & Siding.

· Outside walls Painting.

Always keep in mind the comfort of the patient before selecting colors for medical facilities & Healthcare Centers. Moreover, color schemes also depend on what kind of health service you are providing.

Create a Breathing Environment for patients by choosing the best color ideas & Schemes:

Never choose too harsh or dark bold colors for a patient: Dark or bold colors like red, hot pink, the navy will result in making the patients nervous and serves as an alarming color for them.

Dark bold colors like red are a big no for cardiac centers. The red color in the suffering patient room will result in high blood pressure and nervousness.

Which colors to use for suffering patient rooms?

Research shows the uniform white color will result in increasing the anxiety level of patients.

Neutral warm colors will create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere for patients and makes them recover fast. Using some warm yet joyful colors will result in patients with a happy and pleasant mood.

Some light colors like blue, green, purple, turquoise work like breath for the long-suffering patient room.

However, create a color combination of soothing neutral with some light colors and make the ill patient room look beautiful and calming.

Best color ideas for medical staff room:

Color ideas for Medical Staff offices:

Doctors works day and night in providing health services to patients. Their office needs to be energetic and powerful. Vibrant with softer tones help in giving a lot of energy throughout the day.

Choosing the same uniform white color will result in medical staff laziness. But choosing some bold but healing colors for the accent walls and contrasting them with warm or neutral is a good idea.

Healing and soothing colors like green, Royal blue, Beige & Yellow for the accent wall and contrast it with some light warm colors of your choice.

Best color ideas for the waiting room:

Choosing Dark hues or bright colors for the walls is not a good idea because some people do not like dark colors.

Cool colors somehow work efficiently for the ceilings and windows of the waiting room. Contrasting them with pastel colors like pink, pale yellow, sky blue, purple is an excellent combination. Because seeing the same uniform dark or light color will make them impatient. However, using subtle colors makes the patients worry less.

What are the best colors or combinations for hallways in medical offices?

Our team prefers to use some earthy brown color tones with softer colors because it works perfectly for the hallways. Using the same white all over the hospitals is not preferable because it will affect emotions and mood.

Earthy brown with green color helps in giving a relaxing natural breath-taking atmosphere. Sky blues and white helps in creating an illuminating yet calm environment.

Create a friendly environment for elders and kids. It is also necessary to choose some colors like pink, blue, and green because it attracts the kids and helps them heal faster.

Colors idea for Operation & surgical wards:

Our d’Lanes team never prefer to use only a single light color operation theatre. Our color consultation team always advice to choose some bright blue or green with an off-white or buttercream color because it will make it easier for doctors to concentrate and focus. The other reason is seeing the blood-red color will make their mind stressed and intense.

Color ideas for hospital Exterior walls:

The wooden door or fences needs to be stained and painted with natural white or brown color because it will create a clean looking environment. However, we usually see the white-colored building with a red logo represents a hospital.

White is not the only color that depicts cleanliness blue, sage green, when painted on the exterior walls, makes the hospital exterior welcoming and charming.

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