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Paint a Brick Fireplace

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

If you've become exhausted of your plain fireplace and its surroundings, you must learn how to paint a brick fireplace in a short time and you would not be disappointed with the stunning room transformation.

Usually, even despite periodic maintenance and care, brick fireplaces accumulate quite a good amount of residue, decay, and that gives away the whole look of a beautiful house and obviously tearing down and having a new one would really cost you a lot and it would be a hectic and time-consuming job. You can still brush off outmoded design before winter’s arrival by painting your fireplace outside with paint. Brick wall or wood has a unique texture. Which should be taken into concern when painting.


You would need following things to do the paint job of your fireplace area.

  1. Paint brush

  2. Wire brush

  3. Cloth

  4. Gloves

  5. Apron or old clothes.

  6. Pain roller

  7. Cleaner

  8. Primer

  9. Paint

Clean it up Proper paint drying and adhering must be made sure. you'll need to thoroughly clean the brick. Use a wire brush to remove any dirt or residue, then apply TSP. Be sure to wear gloves, and wash thoroughly with a heavy-duty cleaner. Rinse and let dry. Cover your floor with a cloth or plastic sheet and if you may you can tape off any spaces you want to remain paint-free.

Examine the fireplace

Examine the fireplace for small cracks in the brick. If you notice any, pick up some acrylic caulk from your nearest store and use it to fill in. Review your bottle’s instructions for the needed dry time before you go ahead.

Prime The Brick

Spill your primer into one the bucket. Now dip the roller into the bucket, move it along with the surface, and repeat till it is fully filled with primer.

Carefully use the first coat to the whole surface of the brick, ensuring that you include the surface as well as the mortar. Shift to a smaller brush to paint joints that the roller missed. You can also use an extension in your roller if you have to reach higher surfaces.

An oil-based primer guards your paint against future carbon stains from fireplace use. Apply primer to the whole surface, but make sure following the manufacturer's directions.

Apply the Paint

After rinsing your brushes. Wait for the primer to dry. Once it is ready you are all set to commence the last step of your fireplace painting job. It does not matter which heat resistant latex paint you have chosen ranging from flat, semi-gloss or high gloss latex paint, all these are applied in a similar manner.

Either Roll or brush on the latex paint including all the brick and mortar using either your brush or roller. Use a small brush for spots which are harder to reach. If your brick is rough or textured, you may go for roller. Be sure to get the paint into all the mortar lines and all spaces of your brick surface. You can apply a second or more coat of latex paint, which is up to you. But make sure to dry the paint before applying the second one.

Caution: This type of latex paint is not for use inside the firebox (the area where you are building a fire).

The firebox area requires a specific kind of paint. A special high-temperature paint is required for the area that endures temperatures without chipping, blistering, or peeling.

This type of high-temperature paint can be used on grills or wood stoves. It is of utmost important not to neglect the center of the fireplace. As all of your time, efforts and money could go in vain if you are left with a soot-stained firebox.

Firebox paint comes in a variety of colors. The common colors are almond, sand and black. This type of paint comes in a spray or in a small can where you need a brush to apply. Black tends to be the most common color preferred since it will cover soot stains and dirt more effortless than the lighter colored options. The comfort of the spray can make the paint job go faster but some individuals favor the brush on it since it enables more control. Whether you go for the spray or the brush, on high-temperature paint, make sure well-ventilated area as it has a really sharp odor.

Final Step

If any paint touch-ups are desired, apply with the brush, and then do not forget to give all of your tools a proper wash before the paint dries up. Pull back the painter’s tape when you have finished and also remove the plastic sheet or the drop cloth from the fireplace area.

So enjoy your beautiful and a brand new Fireplace this winter.

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