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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

A freshly painted interior door is a quite small thing but it can make your home seem completely distinctive. You can decide to renew a discolored or scratched or damaged finish with fresh paint.

As doors are the entry and exit points of your home or room. Always make sure to paint them at the end, so the paint remains settled and can properly dry when finished.

If you look around, you would realize that there are several types of doors around you ranging from being completely flat to paneled, while others have complex molding. Likewise, the way to paint these doors differs somewhat.

When to Paint?

Nearly every bit of your home needs some maintenance, including your doors. Painted doors are likely to chipping with time, and can need touch ups. Nonetheless you may want or need an entirely new appearance. In both ways, you must set a time maybe a weekend to choose or finalize a color and then to purchase the supplies and initiate and complete the job.

Moreover, keep in mind the time of year and the weather prediction. Clear, sunny days with reasonable temperatures which are helpful to allow the paint to dry are a perfect choice.

Materials Required

· Foam brushes

· Paint

· Paint drip remover

· Primer

· Sandable filler

· Sanding sponges

· Sandpaper

Door Painting Tips

Prior to painting a door, here are a few tips to help the job go easily:

  1. The most comfortable way to paint a door is while it is on its hinges. If you remove the door from the hinges, the door may not fit or function correctly when restored.

  2. Added aim to leave it on its hinges is that you can cover both sides at the same time. If you placed it down to paint, you would have to wait for one side to dry before you could paint the other side, which could waste your time and may exhaust you due to longer waits to dry it up.

Prepare the door for painting

After separating the door's hardware, begin by sanding the surface of the door. You want a uniform, smooth surface to paint over for the absolute result. Sanding also removes any residual paint or spot previously on the door, giving it a better surface to hold the paint. Once the surface is even and uniform wipe off dust with a clean cloth.

The success of paint work perpetually begins with good prep work. You can either paint your doors in place or remove them off hinges and paint them. If your door has knobs on it, we suggest removing them. If you do not want to remove the knobs, cover the knobs and the hinges with tape, preferably painter's tape. For the door hinges, use a knife to gently follow the boundary of the hinge, cutting the tape.

If you are repainting an old door, one of the first steps would be to fill in any uneven surfaces or spots or imperfections with filler and sand those spots until even and then softly sand the whole door with fine grit sand paper. Use a cloth to remove most of the sanding dust and then again do the whole door with a clean cloth.

If you want to paint a door with the hinges on, have paint off the floor by using a piece of cardboard, newspaper, plastic sheet or cloth underneath the door. Support the door with wood or plastic pieces to keep it steady. Before painting, cover the hinges with painters tape, cut around the corners or borders with a proper tool knife, and skin away from the surplus nearby the hinges. Once the paint is dry, remove the painter's tape.


One can paint the door in place or remove it from the hinges. To stop any dirt or insects to crawl into your home through remove door areas. You can use a plastic sheet or a cloth to wrap that area or seal that area so that insects or bugs or dirt could not enter into your home. As covered earlier you have to to prime the door before painting.

Furthermore, you will have to clean the door with a wet cloth, and then use a sand paper to remove any flaws or uneven spots. Make sure you clean away the dirt from sanding paper before painting.

Begin by applying the primer. Cover the door completely. You can also utilise a roller for this purpose. When the primer is dry, use a paint brush to go over each and every minute detail. Subsequently, it is finally time to do what you have been wanting to do and been doing all the preps, it is time to paint. You can use a foam roller or a paint brush for the job. A paint brush has an advantage of giving you an accurate hand painted look. Also, if you use a roller, you can use a brush for the conclusive layer to achieve the hand painted look. Let the door dry entirely before rehanging the door if you have gone for the removal of door option to paint it.

Now you have a beautiful door with new and refreshing look to the room or house.

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