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Power Washing and Pressure Washing

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Are you thinking about repainting your residence or commercial space and, you thinking about remodeling its look?

Power washing & Pressure washing job, if done right, will work like wonder for you.

Mildews, birds dropping, changing weather conditions, pollution will make the look of your residence and business worst, and repainting it will cost you more.

The appealing appearance of your home and commercial exteriors plays a very vital role. However, painting, and additional investments will make you worried about a dull-looking house.

Most people think that pressure and power washing is not rocket science. It does not need to be done by professionals. DIY’S on the internet give people ideas that they can do the job themselves, but they do not know the results will create a worse image of their house.

Using heavier equipment and machines for power washing is not everyone’s job. Only professionals can do the job without creating any hassle or property damage.

Never heard of pressure washing or power washing before?

Power washing or pressure washing is the use of pressured water from high-quality equipment’s nozzle that will help you give your house a clean and mesmerizing look.

For a curb and neat appeal of your residence or business, it is essential to invest in it for a perfect paint or power washing job. The washing technique is the fastest way for instant looking appeal.

Why you need pressure washing and power washing?

Power washing is vital for perfect paint and a smooth job either you want to repaint your exterior or interior. Because paint applied on dirty, stained, and affected walls will not give you as satisfactory results as you are expecting.

As fixing the walls before the painting job is necessary, power washing is also an important job. It needs experts to tackle the task efficiently.

Is the power and pressure washing budget-friendly?

The painting job typically requires a little bit of everything from superior quality paints, professional painters, and most essential it takes a lot of time to finish the job.

Power washing will approximately take an hour or two to give you results. This job is the least expensive than a painting job.

Worried about the budget but still wants to upgrade your house look?

If done right, Power washing will provide you with a new and fresh stain-free-looking exterior.

Why choose our team for pressure washing or power washing?

d’Lanes are painting contractors and provides all the painting jobs with pre-requisites like pressure & power washing. Our first and foremost priority is not to damage your property. So, we make sure that the job is done by experts because, in the end, it will give us trustworthy and satisfactory clients.

We also make sure that the detergents and techniques are eco – friendly and never damage your property or aesthetics.

Our team starts the work by visiting the client’s home and, after inspecting the house, we provide you with a free quote and estimate. Moreover, we fix the exterior surfaces before starting the power washing job. If holes or cracks not treated, then it will be going to damage the whole of your exterior.

We ensure that all our chemicals and detergents are not going to harm your plants and pets.

Our team uses the best quality chemicals that contain oxalic acid, citric acid, and hypochlorite. These acids will never make your exterior worst but will help you with corrosion-free, stain-free, and Infections free exteriors.

Save your time and hire us because we take no time in providing services to our worthy customers. We will never disturb your schedule and will work according to your planned timings.

Our Power Washing and Pressure Washing Services range from:

· Parking area washing.

· Wooden furniture’s pressure washing.

What is the exact difference between power washing or pressure washing?

Our clients are mostly confused in distinguishing between both techniques. They think that both methods are the same and will give the same results.

The pressure washing technique does not require heated boiling water pressure from the nozzle, but power washing needs hot boiling water for cleaning purposes.

Our expert team never recommends power washing for decks or wooden houses. But power washing for concrete or exterior will provide you with high-quality results.

We also recommend our pressure washing service for the gutter cleaning process. It also creates a healthy and sanitized environment for you, free from algae, bacteria, and molds.

How many times do we use this excellent washing technique for our commercial space or residence?

We typically recommend this washing technique for residence once a year because overdoing the job works like a danger for interiors and exteriors.

However, commercial places are the most exposed place that will get polluted and dirty with ease. It is essential to create a clean and hygienic atmosphere for potential customers.

Power washing and pressure washing are never harsh for concrete, bricks, or masonry exteriors and interiors. For the parking area, this job takes no time in cleaning the grease and dirt off for overwhelming space.

Why we never prefer pressure or power washing job carried through DIYs?

We are located near you and provide all the painting and refinishing services in Boston.

Exposure to a lot of dangerous chemicals and soaps will surely burn your skin.

Moreover, not following all the instructions will provide you with bronchus and respiratory infections because these chemicals are hazardous for health if their quality is not selected carefully.

This job needs experts because the machinery used for washing is very hazardous if not done without precautions.

How much it costs to power wash a house or commercial space?

Our team makes sure to provide you with the best. We never rush to damage your property. We make sure never to hurt our clients by giving them the worst painting services. Client satisfaction is everything for us.

Our costs vary for power washing and are not too expensive. Power washing costs and charges depend on:

· Area of your residence or commercial space.

· Chemical and detergent quality.

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