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Shopping Centers & Mall Painting Service - Commercial Painting

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Aesthetic and Appearance are two factors that either promote your venture or make potential customers run away. Pollution and Bad Weather conditions will give your shopping center an outdated and dull look.

Research shows people love to visit places that have a clean and neat atmosphere with pleasing colors around.

When it comes to shopping malls that is either a small shopping or retail store or a big mall with lots of shops inside, its interior and exterior need to change with time.

Business owners do not want to invest their money in the worst quality paints. Because using paint quality that is not corrosion-free, water-resistive, and durable will not last longer and make you spend money again and again for updating the venture.

Business owners are also worried about the painting job because it creates a lot of mess and affects the working schedule.

Trusting some inexperienced painting contractors for this hectic painting task is not an ideal choice and will make you waste your money. Choosing the right painting professionals makes your investment worth it and more value to your space.

How do we work for shopping malls & centers painting service?

d’Lanes painting service is a one-stop-shop. We are painting contractors near you in Boston. We not only provide you with durability and satisfaction but will also provide you with hassle-free long-lasting results.

Our professional team is experienced and are working for the past many years in providing commercial painting services. We know that your space look needs to be attractive. If painted nicely, it will let your business with a lot more traffic.

Schedule a meeting with us:

After you contact our customer representative, we take time to serve you. Our team head visits your venture and provides you with a quoted estimate and budget for the painting task.

Apart from painting the interiors and exteriors, some surfaces need to be fixed before painting because they become damaged from frequent uses. We charge

extra for fixing and repairing because it will help in giving a smooth and fresh finish.

Decide a color for your venture with us:

Either you are running a shopping business or want to remodel the existing one.

Your business needs some extra attention to colors because not only the smooth finish creates a positive impact. The pigments and shades themselves help you in growing your business. Our shades consultation team provides you with the best schemes and ideas based on your brand.

Let our team finish the tasks efficiently:

After the business owner decides quality and colors, we start our work efficiently by keeping in mind the whole schedule and plan. We ensure that we fix the interior and exterior using the best techniques and tools. Treatment of surfaces and Removing the corrosion from surfaces will somehow take a little bit more time.

Priming and preparing the walls for an end quality finish is very necessary. We use superior quality Eco-friendly paints, latex, and oil-based, that will give your place lavishing results.

How much our team charge for the Shopping mall painting service?

Our painting charges and packages are affordable and budget friendly. We use high-quality eco-friendly paints that never pollute the environment.

Our shopping malls painting charges depend upon:

· Area and size of exterior and interior surfaces.

· Time and quality of paints.

Our painting services for shopping malls are both for interiors and exteriors that range from:

· Retail store painting.

· Grocery stores painting

· Small ventures painting

· Parking area painting.

· Departmental store painting.

· Deck staining for interiors and exteriors.

· Super quality floors coating

· Power & Pressure washing

Best Color ideas and schemes that help in inviting customers towards your shopping centers:

Colors depend on what type of business you are doing. one essential thing to keep in mind is the name of the brand and logo when you decide on shades for your commercial market.

Our team helps you with the best color schemes that will let your business grow more and increase traffic in your shopping area.

Color psychology plays a vital role in potential customer behavior. Either color in your shop influences the customer to buy something or let them push away from the store.

Neutral gray with White color:

Neutral gray creates a warm, welcoming environment for your exterior and makes the dirt less evident. Contrasting neutral with white color is an excellent idea because this color scheme works for every shopping brand. It also works for grocery stores.

Pastel Colors:

Pastel colors grab the attention of little kids and women more rather than men. These lighter color tones like purple, pink, yellow, and blue works wonder for the exterior walls. Selecting one of the pastel colors and contrasting it with a neutral grayish tone will result in a lot of traffic from kids. It helps you to make them your potential buyers.

Black, White & Gray:

Create a luxurious look for your shopping center by choosing black and complement it with trending gray or white color. Black is a powerful color that attracts men.

Choosing the matte black for the accent wall and contrasting it with creamy off-white walls or ceilings is what everyone loves. This scheme works like wonder for watches and perfumes shops.

Yellow & Blue:

Let your customers have faith in your shop by applying some blue and yellow combination to your interior. Yellow is a joyful & promising color that catches attention and, contrasting it with blue is a great idea. Blue is a color that returns you with loyal buyers.

Red & off-white:

Red is a color of a hurry either it returns you with a worthy customer or will make the customer run away. However, we prefer red for shopping centers that provide customers with great sale deals and packages.

Royal blue and green:

Charming blue and green color give your shop an attractive and soothing look. This color combination is best for both the interior and exterior of shopping

centers. Green adds a sense of serenity to the organic environment and best for shops that sell beauty products.

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