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Wallpaper Hanging - Installation and Removal

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

It is interesting to know that colors around us leave a strong impression on our mind and personality and a productive or lazy day depends on colors in our surroundings. There is no shame to accept that sometimes the mess, dust, and kids in houses make the wall paints look dirty.

Hiring a painter to paint the house and all the hustle about painting makes you worry about home. Moreover, the cost of painting the walls of the house is more. Your pocket does not allow you to paint again and again at your house.

Watching the same color in our surroundings makes us bored.

It will be okay to change colors and go for patterns and colors you want to see around you. An energetic day starts with an enthusiastic mind d’Lanes Painting professional team is here for all your worries. But are you worried about the money that it will take to paint a house?

Wallpaper Hanging - Installation and Removal

d’Lanes services provide our clients with all the facilities that vary from: A Wallpaper hanging services to Wallpaper removal. Our wallpaper consultant team guides customers about the material, application, and budget-friendly installation deals.

Why do we need to install wallpapers?

It is the most frequently asked question from clients. Painting a house with different patterns and texture requires more time and money. We provide you with dream walls using textured wallpapers that will save you from all the hustle you have to face.

Sometimes the kids around us make the house walls look messier and make us feel embarrassed about it in front of guests. Hide all the imperfections from the wall and go for a beautiful wallpaper based on your own choice that will add a great impression on outsiders.

Can we do install wallpapers by ourselves?

d’Lanes Service prefers and guides clients to hire our professional team for this job. Some of our clients think that installing a Wallpaper is much easier as it sounds and our answer to this question is No. Hanging a Wallpaper needs a lot of preparation than painting a house, and it depends on how skillful you are in doing this job.

Some of the steps we follow for Hanging a piece of paper to your wall are prepping the walls, removing all the dust, filling all the holes, faults, and cracks, fitting wallpapers, cutting sharp edges to giving it a smooth and beautiful finish.

Does installing wallpaper damage paint and walls?

Our foremost priority is to provide the best. So, we make sure that wallpaper quality and techniques are gentle that will never damage your walls.

What types of material to prefer for a Wallpaper?

The quality of material depends on how much money and time you spend to select it. The most used type of Wallpaper is Vinyl because of its versatility and easiness of installation and best for the moistened area. Faux grass wallpaper, grass-cloth, fabric, paper,3D wallpapers, fiberglass are some delicate types of wallpapers we prefer.

If clients like to change their wallpapers from time to time, our d’Lanes services prefer pre-pasted wallpapers. Self-Adhesive wallpapers take less time to install and are easy to replace.

Non-pasted wallpapers are the best choice for you if you want a Wallpaper to last longer. Most people prefer washable, moisture-free papers for walls.

How to make a small space look bigger?

Want to add some patterns to your room but worrying about the space and small room?

d’Lanes guide our trusted clients to choose big pattern wallpapers for small room. Big, patterned wallpapers make your room look bigger and increases the depth of the room.

What colors and patterns we choose for a Wallpaper?

Ask yourself the question and then select colors and themes according to your taste because It is your personal space. Go for florals patterns with a touch of relaxing colors like classic blue, light green, peacock, neutrals for a calming environment after a tiring day.

Geometric patterns and architectural design wallpapers with a mix of bold and relaxing colors that catch everybody’s attention are trending for a well-furnished room.

If you want to use our Wallpaper services for bedrooms, then go for some pale yellow, pale purple, gray, or blue patterns.

Some of our clients want to give their room a chic-bold wallpaper contrast to the ceiling with neutral walls.

What are some wallpaper ideas for the kid’s room?

Let your child select the patterns themselves and turn their wild imaginations into reality. Installing a Wallpaper, showing powerful characters is going to inspire a young mind. Adding some green wallpaper to the wall helps children to learn about green life around us.

Abstract painted wallpapers with popping bright colors are the best choices for your teens. Matching wallpapers with cushions, rugs, curtains, and furniture will increase the charm of the room.

How much price and cost of installing a wallpaper?

It all depends on how many wallpaper rolls and the area of room whether our client wants. Wallpaper for one accent wall or the whole room d’Lanes offers affordable prices, good quality for your choice in Boston and Metrowest area.

Removing a wallpaper:

Removing a Wallpaper is much more complex and requires more effort than fixing it as our client always afraid of tearing paints. While scraping-off, we take care of the wall paint, washing the walls, and provide a smooth finish from outdated wallpapers.

Selecting a Wallpaper for the kitchen:

A kitchen is a place where everyone fills their appetite. Adding style to the kitchen is a trend that is never going to end. Choose some brick style wallpaper for the wall behind the shelves. Installing a Wallpaper to backsplashes is also an ideal choice. It will give a mess-free look to your kitchen. Select some pop style pattern and go for some grayish neutral, floral look. Washable, water repellent papers will protect your cabinets.

Give your living room a lively, eye-catching, sophisticated wallpaper with us. We always go beyond to fulfill your expectations.

Wallpaper Hanging - Installation and Removal

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