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What are the disadvantages of parquet

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Parquet flooring is a flooring design that homeowners resort to in order to obtain a classic or traditional look, but there are a number of disadvantages of parquet that we will recognize in the next lines, but what must be known is that parquet is a mosaic of geometric designs in the form of squares, or Triangles made of wood, parquet is used in palaces and in basketball courts, and it is also one of the floors that are installed in homes, and it is easy to maintain, but before installing the parquet, the advantages and disadvantages of parquet flooring must be studied.

What are the disadvantages of parquet

Boston interior painting
Parquet Flooring

Many types of floors that can be installed in the house, such as ceramic floors, tiles, or granite, in addition to a type of flooring, which is wood or as it is called parquet, where the parquet has some defects, which must be known before starting the installation or making the decision to adopt it as a floor for the house .

1- Affected by moisture

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Moisture Parquet

Regardless of how much attention is paid to floors, wooden floors are vulnerable to moisture, and it is important to get rid of moisture in the house and keep wooden floors dry, as these floors cannot withstand water, so water sources should be kept away from wooden floors, and be careful not to use water while cleaning it , So that he does not get bloated.

2- It gets scratched a lot

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Scratched Parquet

As is the case with all types of wood, one of the disadvantages of parquet is that it is exposed to scratches that occur due to small sharp things that hit the ground, and this may cause a big problem when you want to restore the original appearance of the flooring, for this reason it is not recommended to wear high heels on parquet floors, and for this it is recommended to use Carpets or doormats at home entry doors.

3- Parquet is very delicate

Boston interior painting
Parquet is very delicate

Wood is a living material, which is why wooden floors are affected by fluctuations in humidity and temperature. Floors in warm rooms will dry out and shrink in size, and this is also the reason for the lack of heating under parquet floors, and humidity or cold can cause wood to swell.

4- Its high cost

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Its high cost

The price of laminate flooring varies according to the type of wood chosen, but in general the most expensive type of flooring is parquet.

5- Difficulty installing

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Difficulty installing

Parquet is one of the floors that need a lot of effort during installation, it needs to be very compact, there are no voids, and it must be completely straight, without any inclinations, and it cannot be installed by professionals.

Know what are the disadvantages of parquet

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