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Every building's beauty is enhanced with painting and the primary finishing materials of a building is painting because it brings forth the aesthetic appearance and at the same time it is a protection to the building. Different types of paint are out there which are used for the interior and exterior of a building. These are paints that are made to prevent the building from being affected by external factors. But you might be wondering about the difference between interior and exterior paint.

Before I answer the question above, let us keep in mind that interior paint cannot be used for exterior paint so likewise exterior paint can not be used as interior paint. We will also break down the category of painting for you to fully understand all there is to know about painting. To know the difference between interior and exterior paint, we need to talk about the raw materials found in interior and exterior paint.

Thing To Know About Paint

· Water-Based Paints-:

These paints are regarded as the best to use in painting houses. Water, filler, additives, pigment, and binders are the main material used in making water-based paints. Although, the ratio and substances are different according to the things involving the paint. The categories of using paint are divided into marine type, metal paint, wood paint, and industrial paint. Interior paint and exterior paint are the two types of paint that are used for domestic paint.

People choose their preferred paint according to the colors, brands, and varieties and most especially if it gives them absolutely what they are looking for which is quality, that is why it is hard for them to choose between interior and better exterior paint. Well as we read further we will unveil the answer to the best paint ever.

Factors That Determines The Best Paint-:

Some factors determine which paint is best and we are going to look into these factors.

· Purpose Of Use-:

The place you want to paint is one thing that determines if you will get interior or exterior paint for your building. If you long to paint the inside of your home then you should be aware that it’s an interior paint that you should likely get. But if you want to paint the outside of your home then you are to get exterior paint.

· Cost-:

All businesses are affected by cost hence, paints are not left out. The cost of purchasing interior paint can be more costly than that of purchasing exterior paint. And one of the things to look out for is if the paint has very good coverage. When the paint has good coverage and can last long the stress will be minimal for those applying the paint, not only that, the owner of the building will also be joyful because there’s nothing like using quality material, it will only affect the price.

Areas such as rooms, kitchens, sitting rooms, bathrooms, and offices are to be painted with interior paint. We will discuss essential things you need to keep in mind before you start the project of painting an interior wall. The features are as follows.

Features Of Paint To Use In Interior Wall:

· Paints used for an interior wall should have very good coverage.

· It should not hurt the health of humans.

· The paint has to provide an aesthetic appearance.

· If you are using gloss for the interior wall then it should be dirt-repellent and washable paint. Although all are in the hand of the user.

What Is Exterior Paint?

External paint is very unique in its way in the sense that it has to have the ability to withstand external conditions. And it should also have an aesthetic appearance. Exterior Paints are paints we use on our external walls. Such paints have to be able to resist changes of color and withstand changes of weather and dirt repellent.

Exterior paint is also likely to be acrylic-based, grained paint, silicone, and water-based. One of the uses of silicone paint is for holding less dirt and not letting the outside get dirty within a reasonable period. Silicone paint is more able to hold less dirt than acrylic paint. There is yet another paint for the exterior wall which is Grainy paints. Its form is like a texture image due to what is being applied to produce it.

Differences Between Exterior & Interior Paint

· Interior paint does not need a professional craftsman

· Exterior Paint needs a craftsman who is expert in his work.

· The balcony of the house can be painted by yourself because it is just a small part and it sees less rain.

· Exterior Paint is more expensive than interior paint because of it high performance for the outside wall.

· Exterior walls has to be prepared appropriately before you commence painting to achieve a smooth wall.

· Exterior application also uses grained, textured, or mosaic stone paints. The ingredients contained in the paint mentioned makes a texture effect. The equipment used in application is trowel.

Duration Of Exterior Paint To Dry

After applying 1st coat you will need to wait for the wall to dry before applying second coat. But the duration of time for second coating application is usually 2-3 hours. But when it is winter period it should be applied 6-7 hours before finally coating. Some people have find it helpful to wait for a full day for application after rain has fallen.

Paint turns to blister when applied on wet surface, it Makes the paint to loose it performance. Keep in mind that exterior paint derives it final strength and hardness around 5to7 days. It best to apply exterior paint during the time when there’s no risk of rain.

So many people have asked the question if exterior paint can be used for interior wall well, the answer is yes. Because of how strong exterior paint is made to be able to withstand external conditions, it is resistant to rain and does not fade hence, it can be applied inside if desired. But, interior paint can not be used for exterior wall. It is only meant for interior walls.


We have vastly considered the difference between interior paint and exterior paint. We have also seen how the exterior paint is more superior than the interior paint and how they are of higher performance. Care need to be taken when using interior paint and it is best it should be done by a professional.

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