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How much cost to Paint a Kitchen Cabinet?

How much would cost to replace your kitchen cabinets vs refinishing or repainting it?

The kitchen is rightly called the heart of every house. Whether you have a big house or a small apartment, the significance of the kitchen remains the same. It is undoubtedly among the most important parts of your place and how it looks really matters. Whether you are planning to sell your house or looking to improve its aesthetic appeal for yourself, upgrading the kitchen is equally important in both the situations.

In your kitchen, the one thing whose outlook affects the overall view of your kitchen is your cabinets. If you just renew their appearance, the whole kitchen will start looking nice. So, if you wish to upgrade your kitchen, start with the cabinets. Pay special attention to how they look and improving their outlook would do a great favor.

There is a big debate over whether replacing old cabinets is better or repainting them. Well, if you are in search of a cost-effective, time-saving and hassle-free solution repainting is the best way out.

If your cabinets are old with rusty hardware and flickering paint, a coat or two of fresh paint can solve the problem shortly. On the contrary, if you go for removing these cabinets, and get the new ones installed, the whole process will take plenty of time. Moreover, there will be much disturbance, and you will have to pay hefty charges for removal of old cabinets and installation of new ones. 

However, if you opt for repainting of the old cabinets, it will be helpful in multiple aspects. Most importantly, it will eliminate the cost of cabinets’ replacement as you won’t need that. Also, repainting will take just a fraction of time that the removal and putting up of new cabinets would have taken.

Thus, if you want a cost-effective solution to improve the visual appeal of the kitchen, repainting is the best option possible. The new flawless finish will make them look just like the new cabinets, and the smooth surface will add value to the overall look of the place. 

The Last Words

The kitchen is certainly among the most significant parts of the house. It is a place where the lady of the house spends most of her time, and it needs to look good along with being clean and tidy. The kitchen cabinets alone can make or break the image of the kitchen and hence if these are rusty and old, you must think of a solution. The best way to make them look nice is to apply a fresh coat of paint. 

The exact cost for replacing or repainting the cabinets depends on the size of kitchen and type of cabinets you choose. But, repainting will save you more then half of the total cost that you would have to spend getting the new cabinets installed. 

So, save yourself from the trouble, think economically and seek professional assistance to get the cabinets repainted. In this way, you will get to enhance the outlook without disturbing your budget. Specifically, if you are going to sell your house, there is no point in spending huge money on new cabinets. Just get the old ones repainted and make them look beautiful and flawless.

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