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Garage Painting Services-Exterior Painting

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Why need to Paint a Garage?

Most people renovate the interior of the house to change its look but always forget about the garage. They think that transforming the garage look is useless because at last garages are just used as storage to park vehicles, used for storing old furniture, tools, and grass cutters.

The garage needs special attention because weather conditions, oil and grease stains, moisture, mildew, and the dull painted door will give your garage a terrible look.

However, if you changed the whole interior house look but left your garage unnoticed, then it makes other people think about your personality as a careless person.

Home garages is a space where you mostly experiment during your holidays or used for protecting things. Giving your garage a look will make your house look more appealer and eye-catching.

Why hire professionals for Garage Painting Services?

People usually prefer to paint their garages by themselves and, they think that this place needs less attention than another house interior.

Painting a garage does not only creates a lot of mess. Paint a garage and removing oil stains, rust, dirt from doors, floors, and walls is such a headache that will make you annoyed.

d’Lanes is a professional painting team that provides you services in a super reliable way. Either you want us to paint your epoxy floors or want us to give your garage water and stain-resistant paint, the d'Lanes team is here at your service.

How we work in providing Garage Painting Services?

When someone contacts us for garage painting, we visit them and discuss the whole budget, quality of paint, time, and all aspects.

After visiting, we provide them with all the estimated quotes. If people are ready to hire our professional team for this headache, we start the work quickly. We are working for decades in providing painting services and, we will always be happy to tackle all the tasks with customer satisfaction.

Before applying the garage exterior, a fresh coat of paint, the d’Lanes painters start their work by cleaning the rust, sand, dust, oil stains, greases off from the exterior surface of floors, walls, ceilings, and doors that needs to be painted, with care.

Why it is necessary to prime the surfaces?

Priming the garage surfaces makes the paint glossy and provides durability and adhesion to the walls. Priming will help the paint surfaces last longer than usual.

Concealing the stains is necessary for a well finished smooth look. We cover all the Oil stains and imperfections.

After Priming, we use the best quality epoxy or latex paints because using the best quality paints gives life to appearance.

Latex Paints & Epoxy paints are the best quality water and stain-resistant paints and dry quickly. These paints protect your space from floods, moisture, and stains.

We provide results to your garage by spraying that gives walls a semi-gloss and sheen finish.

What are the best colors for garage wall paint?

Transforming a garage is somehow an excellent idea. Deciding color for its interior and exterior is hard. Our color consultation team provides you with the best color combination ideas.

Adding colors to the garage not only make it look clean and neat, but it will also be going to add inspiration to your auto-repair space and transforms it into a smart garage.

Wants to give your garage a light color but afraid of dust and oil stains?

We prefer you never use the same traditional white color for its walls because the garage will get more exposure to more dust and stains than another part of the home.

Our clients want us to give their garage to look a lighter, warm color like beige, cream, off-white, light green. We will prefer you to choose some semi-gloss paints that make the dirt less evident.

Neutral colors will add warmth to your space and make it look more appealing. Neutral colors will increase its glance and make it look more elegant. Select some Ice blue, gray, turquoise, sage green for ceilings and contrast them with some brighter color that will give your garage a funkier look.

Complementing walls of garages with ceiling and floor is a good idea.

If your garage has epoxy garage floors, we prefer our customer to select dark colors like red, dark blue, black, navy, and whatever you like.

Choosing a light-colored ceiling with dark bold walls is a good idea that will enhance the depth of the garage and adds light to your space.

If you love to upgrade your car parking space, then choose some bright colors.

Make your garage vibrant and classy with some bright yellow, neon pink, orange that will make your garage look more stylish.

Do d’Lanes Painting provide Garage Floor Painting Services?

Whether your garage has concrete, resin, or epoxy garage floors, we provide you with the best quality latex, epoxy, and acrylic floor paints.

d’Lanes gives all the Epoxy clear coating or tinted coats related service. Epoxy paintings for garage floors are the best because they make the floor less slippery and, scratches look less evident on the floor.

Why Does Garage Door need to be Painted?

Front garage door color needs to be overwhelming and, complementing it with your house front door is a good idea. Our expert painting team decides the perfect color for your front door of the garage.

Light color front doors like white, crisp grey, Dark woody brown, and cream colors capture attention.

Is there a deck installed in your garage that looks stained?

Car tires make the deck of garages stained and, to protect them is one of the difficult tasks. We provide all the deck staining and sliding services for you. You must check out our deck staining and budget-friendly services.

We work to give your garage a brand-new look free from rust and stains. D’ Lanes prices vary to your services that either you want us to provide your garage a super coat, heavy coat, or rubberized finish to your garage.

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